Each Council member has specific areas of responsibility but all decisions of major impact are made by the entire Council: (The Mayor, is ex-officio on all standing committees.)

Committee Structure as of January 28, 2019

1.  Standing Committee: Bylaw Enforcement Committee
     •  Chairperson: Iain Dunbar
     •  Member: Doug Osmond

2.  Standing Committee: Building Committee
     •  Chairperson: Bob MacFarlane
     •  Member: Devin Harlick

3.  Standing Committee: Personnel Committee
     •  Chairperson: Bob MacFarlane
     •  Member: Brad Cornelson

4.  Standing Committee: Safety Committee
     •  Chairperson: Leroy Martens
     •  Member: Iain Dunbar

     External Organization:  Southwest Municipal Government Committee
     •  Representative:  Ron Mathies

5.  Standing Committee:  Emergency and Fire Preparedness Committee                         (Fire, RCMP, EMO, EMR, Mutual Aid, Health)
     •  Chairperson: Brad Cornelson
     •  Member: Bob MacFarlane 

     External Organization:  Mainline Mutual Aid
     •  Representative: Pam Schaitel 

     External Organization:  EMO
     •  EMO Chairperson/Coordinator: Pam Schaitel
     •  EMO Control Group: Council as a Whole
     •  Plus Administrator: CAO Michelle Mackow 

6.  Standing Committee: Utilities and Waste Committee
     •  Chairperson: Doug Osmond
     •  Member: Iain Dunbar

     •  Residential Building Inspection:  Licensed Building Official, Bob Hubbard    
     •  Commercial Building Inspection: Licensed Building Official, Dan Knutson
7.  Standing Committee: Transportation Committee
     •  Chairperson: Leroy Martens
     •  Member: Devin Harlick
8.  Standing Committee:  Recreation (Sports Complex, Swimming Pool, Ball Diamonds, Parks,
     Herbert Ferry Regional Park)
    External Organization:  Herbert & District Recreation Board [2016 - 2020]

     •  Chairperson: Bob MacFarlane
     •  Representative: Brad Cornelson
     •  Member: 1 Administration Personnel - CAO Michelle Mackow

    External Organization:  Herbert Ferry Regional Park Board
     •  Representative: Iain Dunbar             Representative: Cory Klassen

9.  Standing Committee: Economic Development Committee (Economic Development & Tourism, Community Promotion, Library)
     •  Chairperson: Devin Harlick
     •  Member: Iain Dunbar

     External Organization:  Herbert Library Board & Chinook Regional Library
     •  Representatives: Doug Osmond




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