St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church

507 Shaw St.
Herbert SK


The Catholic church in Herbert was built in 1912 by a contractor name Ed "Doc" Evenson, his carpenters and members of the congregation. It is located toward the north end of Shaw street on the east side of it. It was named St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church to commemorate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Many of the parishioners were of Irish descent; therefore they had strong feelings for Irish names and traditions

The parish was first served by Father Cabanel, who came from Swift Current to say mass in Herbert. Before the church was built he would have services south of town, at McCann's in the Donnellyville district. Father Cabanel had an altar brought from France - hand carved in beautiful wood - to use in the church. Later it was replaced by another altar - also hand carved from France - from the Sacred Heart Church in Swift Current before that church was replaced by a new one in about 1950.

After Father Cabanel retired, Father Lionel Mondor took over duties as parish priest, driving out for many years, and later his assistant priests came to Herbert for Sunday mass, weddings, and funerals. He is now Monsignor Mondor, lives in Swift Current and is assistant to Father Ron Andrei.

Some of the priests that came here were Father John Foley, Father John Folk, Father Alfred Bouchard, Father Bill Mahoney, Father Merton Miller, Father Lucien Roy, Father Paul Boudreau, and Father Raymond Carignan. The parish is in the Diocese of Gravelbourg. Some of the Bishops included: Bishop Aimi Decosse, Bishop Noel Delaquis, and Bishop Raymond Roussin.

The church was closed in 1983 due to falling numbers of parishioners and shortage of priests to officiate.

The church was last used for a funeral service for Cecilia Donnelly in August 1989. The building was sold in 1996 to Patricia Donnelly, of Montreal, formerly of Herbert, to be restored and displayed as a historical site. Concerts are held annually during the summer as part of The Steeplejack Festival.

St. Patrick's Cemetery is still maintained as such beside the road north of Herbert

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