Secure Surveillance Bylaw #2009-14


1. The Council of the Town of Herbert hereby enacts the Security Surveillance Bylaw # 2009-14


2. The purpose of this Bylaw is to authorize the use of security surveillance in the Town of Herbert so as:

(a) To provide an opportunity for law enforcement agents to gather evidence when an alleged unlawful incident has been reported.

(b) To provide for enhanced security for businesses and residents of the municipality.

(c) To ensure proper safeguards are in place to address privacy issues regarding video surveillance in a public area.


3. (1) In this Bylaw,

(a) “Town” means The Town of Herbert.

(b) “Monitored area” means the total area covered by video surveillance.

(c) “Security equipment” means camera units, recording and monitoring devices.

(d) “Authorized officials” means both the Town of Herbert Administrator (or designated person) and a representative of the RCMP.

(2) “Monitoring” means viewing of recorded images which will be strictly limited to the provisions stated within this Bylaw for the purpose of gathering evidence on a reported incident, periodic verification of operability and maintenance and repair.

Installation and Operation of Security Surveillance Equipment

4. (1) The installation of video surveillance equipment on Town owned property was authorized by resolution of the Council of the Town.

(2) The area of coverage for the surveillance which covers public streets and sidewalks owned by the Town was authorized by resolution of the Council of the Town.

(3) The area of coverage is available by attending at the Town Office to view a map.

(4) Cameras will operate 24/7 recording images from the area of coverage.

(5) Images will be over-recorded on a 72 hour cycle.

(6) The monitor screen will be turned on ONLY when there has been an alleged unlawful incident reported to the law enforcement agency (RCMP) and for a short duration of several seconds to verify the equipment is working at a maximum of once every 72 hours and when a repair or maintenance performed by a qualified technician is required.

(7) With the exception of verification and maintenance and repairs, monitoring will require the presence of “Authorized officials”.

(8) Only the RCMP representative is authorized to request and be provided with a copy from the recording device.

Security and Monitoring Records of Surveillance Equipment

5. (1) The security equipment with the exception of the cameras shall be kept in a secure location. The Town Administrator or designated person shall be the only person with a key for access to the monitor and recording device.

(2) The password for the equipment shall be kept in strict confidence by the Town Administrator or designated person.

(3) The Town shall provide hardware for recording purposes in the eventuality the RCMP wants to have a copy of images for use in investigation and collection of evidence.

(4) A log of all access to the secure location shall be kept indicating date, time, duration the monitor was active, description or reason for access, printed name and signature of person or persons gaining access to the secure location.

(5) Records shall be kept at the Town Office with full disclosure of all logged activities for perusal by the public or other agencies with an interest in auditing the use of the security system.

Notification of the use of Security Surveillance

6. (1) Signs shall be posted at the four entrances to the Town.

(2) Signs will indicate the community is protected by video surveillance and give contact information on where to get full disclosure of security surveillance.

(3) Information regarding video surveillance will be available at the Town Office showing:

a) Area of coverage,

b) Purpose of installing and operating security surveillance equipment,

c) A copy of the Resolution by Council to install and operate security surveillance equipment,

d) A copy of this Bylaw enacted by the Town of Herbert Council.

e) All documents regarding the Resolution and Bylaw will be posted on the Town of Herbert Website (

Coming into Force

7. This Bylaw comes into force and takes effect as of November 18, 2009.

Read a first time this 18th day of November, 2009.

Read a second time this 18th day of November, 2009.

Read a third time and passed this 18th day of November, 2009.

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