Declared Town of Herbert's newest Councilor by acclamation. 
Devin will be sworn in at the January 28, 2019 Council meeting. 

THANK YOU to the following Adopt-a-Light Campaign Donors for making this project a success!

Herbert & District Recreation Board; S.O.R.E. Oilfield Services Inc.; Dave & Karen Emery; Calvin & Joanne Penner; Ron Mathies; Doug Osmond; Brian & Jennifer Shygera; Standard Motors; Carl & Ines Hildebrand; Amy Tuenschel; LONGWEI WOK; Gordon McKay; Bob & Rose MacFarlane; G & N Farms; Marshall Maurer; Lorne & Judy Voth; Herbert MCC Thrift Store; Anissa & Richard Forest; Randy & Kathy Voth; Ronald & Joanne Schultz; Darla's Hair Studio; Harvey & Beverly Schultz; Tyler & Mandy Speidelsbach; Dallas Braun.



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NEW Emergency Contact Telephone #: 

The Town of Herbert has a New Emergency contact telephone #. Please direct your calls to Maintenance Manager, April Deacon, at 306-741-4229. She will determine the nature of the call & direct it accordingly.


The Transfer Station will be closed until next April, 2019.
A huge THANK YOU to Brent Doyle, local resident & business owner of B.A.D.'s Trucking Ltd., who generously donated his time, equipment & material for the NEW HEAVY TRUCK & TRAILER PARKING AREA south of the old highway (the Herbert Hotel site.) Signage will be posted to indicate it's intended purpose.
The signage & bylaw changes are pending, but the goal is to divert parking from the old highway, both east & west, to that area. At times the parking on the old highway has been somewhat of a safety concern with tractor/trailer units parked across from one another creating a narrow passage with poor lighting.

Unfortunately, due to the elements & ground settling, some of the older sites with grave covers are noticeably cracked &/or collapsing. These need to be removed. Ideally, the Cemetery Committee would like to have all grave covers removed, but can only do so at the family’s request. There is a nominal charge payable to Abe Friesen – owner/operator of Herbert Trenching; & notably the town’s foremost cemetery expert & gravesite equipment operator. Please contact the Abe Friesen at 306-784-7472, or the town office at 306-784-2400 & we will accommodate your request.



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BRANCH PICK-UP (Seasonal) 

Occurs every second Wednesday, upon the transfer station opening for the season. Public works will see to disposal of reasonably sized piles of branches & tree limbs cut to 7' lengths, maximum. Branches are to be left in the back lanes.

Arrangements can be made with the town office to have public works pick up quantities deemed too large for regular pick up for $80.00, or the town can drop the truck off & you load branches for $30.00. Public works will see to the disposal.

Also, public works will not pick up bagged (plastic or paper) leaves, or piles of loose leaves, & are the residents' responsibility to properly dispose of at the transfer station. Plastic & paper bags must be emptied of their contents & promptly removed from the site. This activity is monitored.

NOTE: Shingles & gyproc are no longer accepted at our transfer station & must be disposed of at the Swift Current landfill.


The Town of Herbert has appointed Richard Doll as the Pest Control Officer for the immediate area. If you're having problems with or suspect any kind of undesirable rodent activity, please contact Richard at 306-741-7801. He'll be happy to help.


As of the January 24, 2018 Special Meeting of the Council of the Town of Herbert Bylaw 2014-04 The Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Rates was amended. Commercial rates will now be charged out at 100% of the collection cost and the residential service rate increased from an $11.00 monthly charge to $17.00 per month. This increase will change the utility billing from $92.00 to $98.00 monthly. To be clear, the water and sewer rates are not affected and remain the same.


NOW OPEN Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays from 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

A 30 yard roll off bin has been placed at the Transfer Station to assist Herbert ratepayers in disposing of household waste not accepted at our regular site, with the exception of tires, asphalt shingles, gyproc, regular household garbage, metal, large appliances, or electronics (can be taken to SARCAN in Swift Current).

Fees are a $25 minimum up to 1/2 of a half-ton load & $50 for a full half-ton load. The attendant will determine the fee amount upon entry.

We have received a few calls from ratepayers regarding the station being closed during regularly scheduled operational days. Though it's impossible to account for all of those times, 2018 has been an exceptionally strange year regarding the weather over the past few months, which, on occasion, has affected the station's status. We admit the lack of signage indicating said status has been grossly overlooked & hope to rectify that in the near future. We do apologize to those ratepayers having expected an open station only to find the gates closed.

That said, town administration reserves the right to cease & alter operations as necessary, weather often being the main factor; but, there have been times whereby a decision to close the station has been made merely out of concern for the employee. Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety guidelines are called upon especially when temperatures are extreme. Our transfer station woefully does not have a temperature controlled facility to house the attendants during work hours who must rely on their vehicles for such comforts.

We try to accommodate our ratepayers, but circumstances beyond our control do happen. Bear in mind, Swift Current's landfill isn't that far away.

Watering Bylaw

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Water Meter Readings

We'd like to reiterate the importance of submitting ACTUAL WATER METER READINGS on a regular basis. Every three months a Water Meter Card accompanies your water bill. It is advised that you take the time to read your water meter & submit it to the town office. Many call or email us. We'll be happy to record your six digit reading without you having to leave your house. These readings enable us to monitor actual water usage & can alleviate a lot of frustration & questions regarding your water bills. The Water Meter Reading months are January, April, July & October.

Tax Incentive for New Builds

For anyone interested in establishing themselves in our community, the Town of Herbert offers a tax incentive for building a new home, moving an RTM, mobile home or a house into town. The first year, 100% of the municipal mill portion of the property taxes is forgiven. The second year, 50% of the municipal mill portion is forgiven.

Tax Incentive for New Businesses

For economic development purposes, it's been legislated that new commercial businesses, located in a commercially zoned area; or the construction of a building in a commercial zone, for the intent of starting a business, be forgiven both, municipal & school mill portions of taxes, for up to five years. Unfortunately, this does not apply to home-based businesses. Please contact the town office for more information.


The Town of Herbert would like to remind anyone interested that we have a columbarium in place at the Herbert Cemetery. This is an alternative for those not wanting a burial plot. This monument houses 48 niches - 24 per side, facing east & west; for loved ones cremains. Each niche may house a maximum of two urns. The dimensions of each niche are a standard sizing of 12' x 12' x 14'. The cost of a niche does not include the engraving of the granite plaque. The town acquired the columbarium through Swift Current Monument, which will be the monument company we would refer you to for engraving; however, it is the family's choice. We do have some restrictions on the engraving as we would like to maintain an overall uniform look.

Stop by the cemetery to view the columbarium. Further inquiries can be directed to the town office.

Bulk Water

$2.00 per 75 gallons or $4.00 per 150 gallons. Loonies & toonies accepted. 

Waste & Recycling Carts

For your own reference, please record the serial numbers located on the side of each cart as it is specific to your civic address. This will provide necessary identification should the carts go missing, become damaged or are erroneously interchanged with another resident's, etc. We keep a master copy of all serial numbers at the town office, as does Triways.

SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING is a system in which all recycle materials - fiber, plastics, tin and aluminum, are placed, unsorted, in one container and sorted at the processing plant. Here is a list of materials that CAN go into the blue recycle container: cardboard, boxboard (flattened cardboard), office paper, newsprint, junk mail, magazines and catalogues, paper egg cartons (empty), cereal boxes,  plastic bags, milk cartons, plastic milk jugs, shrink wrap, tin and aluminum cans (clean, with or without labels), shampoo, body wash, bleach,laundry soap, plastic pill bottles, creamer cartons, etc.  Items NOT accepted include: glass, styrofoam, ceramics, light bulbs, soiled cardboard, hazardous chemical, scrap metal, car parts, plastic toys or household garbage.

"New" Fire Pits

A fire pit permit is required for anyone who is considering placing one in their yard & has not previously acquired one. This is solely for fire safety reasons. There is no fee charged for a permit, but the Herbert Fire Chief inspects the proposed fire pit area to make sure it meets fire regulations according to Fire Pit Policy 2010-03. Once obtained, permits are not renewed annually unless the previous fire pit location changes.

Business Licence Increase - 2019
2019 will see Business Licence fees increase & come into effect after the January 14, 2019  council meeting. We will invoice businesses with the new fee amount.
Licences are valid for one year commencing January 1st.  Only businesses complying with licensing will be listed in the 2019 Directory. All licenses must be obtained from the Herbert Town Office.
Dog/Cat Licenses

The license year is January 1 to December 31, of the calendar year. Annual Licensing Fee for dogs: all dogs six months old or over, male or female is $20.00; if spayed or neutered it's $15.00. Annual Licensing Fee for cats; all cats six months or over, male or female is $10.00; if spayed or neutered, it's $5.00.

License Tags are not replaced from year to year unless a previously licensed animal's tag is missing. Replacement License Tags are available at a cost of $2.00 per tag.

Attention Pet Owners                                                                               

Pet Owners are responsible for ensuring that pets are not running loose. Please do not let your animals damage or defecate on others' properties.  Please pick up after your dog and keep our community clean.  Fines can be enforced should an animal be identified.  

Be a Part of Herbert's 2012 Memorial Wall!                         

Click here to see details of how you can purchase your own "Family Brick", or purchase one in memory of someone.

Cemetery Grant                                                                                          

The Saskatchewan Cemetery Care and Maintenance Program (SCCMP) is a project focused on the care and maintenance of abandoned and/or neglected cemeteries throughout Saskatchewan.  The program is designed to assist individuals, families, landowners, churches, community groups, cemetery committees and service groups to restore, care and maintain a neglected cemetery. If you are interested in applying for this grant for a cemetery outside of Herbert, contact us for an application.  Or click here to visit the website directly for more information and applications.

House Numbers - Would you be easily located in an Emergency?

Police officers, firefighters, EMR, and other emergency personnel, who respond to 911 calls, say visible house numbers to identify homes can mean the difference between life and death.  Protect your family and property by making sure the address on your home is clearly visible from the street!


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