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Herbert Heritage Association
Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Herbert Heritage Association Inc. is to enhance the historic and cultural experience of all persons visiting the Herbert Museum Complex.

To achieve this purpose, the Association offers programs and exhibits along with information about history, customs, interesting facts and places in Herbert and district. The Association also provides support through co-operation in projects that promote the Town of Herbert and surrounding area in order to sustain the viability of the community and the Herbert Museum Complex.

This STATEMENT OF PURPOSE may not be altered without the consent of the Board of Directors of the Herbert Heritage Association Inc., at a General Membership Meeting. (Revised March 20, 2006)

History of the Herbert Heritage Association:
The Herbert Heritage Association Inc. has sole responsibility of operating the Herbert Museum Complex comprised of the restored CPR Station, several units of CPR rolling stock and other properties acquired for the purpose of preserving the Heritage of the Town of Herbert and district. The Association registered as a Non-profit Corporation Oct. 31, 1986.

The CPR Station building owned by the Town of Herbert has been relocated to its present site on CPR property, which the town of Herbert leases on a perpetual basis. Built in 1908 the station provided CPR services to the public until 1986, when the last services were terminated.

In July of 1986 the town of Herbert accepted an offer from CPR to take ownership of the station for the purpose of preserving it as a Heritage building. Subsequently the town negotiated an agreement with the Herbert Heritage Association to take full responsibility for the relocation, restoration and operation of the station as a Heritage project. The refurbished Station Agent's living quarters and displays of early communication techniques enhance the historic significance of the exhibit. The station is the hub around which other development is ongoing.

While emphasis continues on development of CPR exhibits, the Heritage Association is also committed to the collection and preservation of artifacts that have local, historic and cultural value.

As many settlers to the Herbert area came from a Mennonite (German/Dutch) background, much of that heritage has become part of Herbert as well. In recognition of the contribution of the Mennonite culture in Herbert, Faspa is the main feature on the menu at the Herbert CPR Station Museum dining room. Faspa is the word in the low German language meaning a light lunch of fresh baking and whatever is supplied to put on it, such as cheese, meats, and jams. Since the Mennonite culture did not allow for working on a Sunday, Faspa became a meal easy to make, yet flexible enough to allow for another Mennonite custom, which is unannounced visiting.

By mutual agreement with the Town of Herbert, the Heritage Association provides tourist information services at the Train Station.

Herbert Hospital Auxiliary
The Auxiliary was formed in 1933 and has continued to assist the hospital in many ways. At first, basic items such as sheets, pyjamas, layettes, etc. were supplied and many other small articles. At one time, the Auxiliary even purchased coal. They raised money by catering for banquets, raffles, etc.

In later years the Auxiliary started "Meals On Wheels". Home Care now collects for this and the Auxiliary obtains drivers through local volunteers.  Meals are prepared at the Herbert & District Integrated Healthcare Facility.

The Auxiliary is affiliated with the provincial SK Health-Care Auxiliaries Association (SHAA) and attend their conventions and District meetings.

Auxilians have performed thousands of hours of volunteer work over the years.

The Auxiliary feels fortunate to have a well-equipped Hospital, excellent staff and Doctor in the community. The auxiliary hopes to continue to provide service to the Herbert Hospital. We are glad to be part of it all!

The Auxiliary meets the first Thursday of each month. New members are welcome.

The Auxiliary offers a $350 Scholarship for a graduating Grade 12 student in Herbert or Morse, who wishes to continue their studies in a medical field.

Christmas gifts are given to patients, recipients of Meals, and hospital staff.

The Auxiliary has purchased many items over the years for hospital use.

Daffodils were sold annually for the Canadian Cancer Fund until 2017.

Auxiliary funds have been raised through catering for Lions' Club meetings, auction sales, Strawberry Socials, Christmas parties, and a giant Christmas Card (downtown at $5/name).  The Auxiliary also sells merchandise through a gift display at the hospital.

President: Lena Stenstrom 784-3478

Herbert Lions Club
The Herbert Lions Club supports many worthwhile community projects.  The Lions Hall is a centre for many local functions, and the Herbert Lions Club organizes a variety of activities in the hall as well as other locations.  The Lions Club collects eyeglasses as well as used ink cartridges for re-use and recycling.  Collection locations in Herbert are:
•  Harder's Pharmacy for eyeglasses only.

Bob MacFarlane:  784-3501
Les Larter:  784-2290

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Herbert New Horizons Drop In Centre
The New Horizons Drop In Centre, located at 605 Herbert Avenue, provides activities for members and offers kitchen and meeting accommodations to members and non-members.

Margaret Bryson- 784-3373

Sport & Activities Organizations
•  Herbert Curling Club - Val Braun  784-2742
•  Herbert Skating Club - Town Office 784-2400
•  Herbert Minor Baseball - Shane Haughian  784-3497
•  Herbert Minor Hockey - Brad Funk  784-2270

•  Herbert Sr. Mens Hockey -
•  Herbert Soccer -
•  Herbert Sr. Mens Baseball - Ryan Gunstenson  784-7223