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CAO                                                                       Michelle Mackow (July 2016)
Assistant Administrator (Part-time)                         Pam Schaitel
Office Assistant (Part-time)                                    Jodie Gin

Assistant Town Foreman                                         Christopher Schaitel                      Water Plant Operator                                             Terry Voth
General Labourer I                                                 Tracy Liggett
General Labourer II                                                 Byron Cornelson
                          Landfill Attendant (Seasonal)                                  Martha Weinbender
Sports Complex Manager (Seasonal)                         Byron Cornelson
Sports Complex Staff (Seasonal)                              Mike Doll & Bodie Castle



Elected for 2016-2020 term:

Mayor:               Ron Mathies                                                                       Councilor:          Brad Cornelson                                                                                 Councilor:          Pat Gammel (Nov 2016 - Oct 2017)                                         Councilor:          Doug Osmond (Jan 2018)                                     Councilor:          Dennis Kehler (Nov 2016 - Sept 2017)                                             Councilor:          Dave Emery (Nov 2017)                                        Councilor:          Robert MacFarlane                                                                          Councilor:          Leroy Martens                                                                       Councilor:          Calvin Penner                                                                  CAO:                  Michelle Mackow 

Past Town Council Members

Elected for 2012-2016 term:                                                                              Mayor:               Doreen Schroeder                                                                        Councilor:          Roy Seibel                                                                                  Councilor:          Rhonda Gerl                                                                                    Councilor:          Doug Osmond                                                                          Councilor:          Heide Reimann                                                                          Councilor:          Robin Cannon                                                                       Councilor:          Frances Schwartz                                                                  CAO:                  Raegan Funk (2009 - January 2016)                                     CAO:                  Don McLeod (April 2016 -June 2016)                                                 CAO:                  Michelle Mackow (July 2016 - N/A)                                                                                          

Elected for 2009-2012 term:                                                                   Mayor:               Doreen Schroeder
Councilor:          Anita Faye Dyck (2009 - September 2011)
Councilor:          Sandra Fournier (2009 - April 2012)
Councilor:          Shawne Gunstenson
Councilor:          Terris Priebe (2009 - September 2011)
Councilor:          Peter Horvath
Councilor:          Leszek Klimkiewicz
Councilor:          Norman Horton (2009 - March 2010)
Councilor:          Shelley Braun (2011-2012)
Councilor:          Jodie Gin (2011-2012)
Administrator:    Raegan Funk

June 23, 2008 by-election resulted in the following
persons on council until October 2009:

Mayor:               Albert (Al) Kildaw
Councilor:          Cliff Belter
Councilor:          Anita Faye Dyck
Councilor:          Sandra Fournier
Councilor:          Norman Horton
Councilor:          Ellery Janz (2006 - March 2009)
Councilor:          Doreen Schroeder
Administrator:    Raegan Funk

Elected for 2006-2009 term:
Mayor:               Albert (Al) Kildaw
Councilor:          Cliff Belter
Councilor:          Anita Faye Dyck
Councilor:          Carol Goertzen (2006 - June 2008)
Councilor:          Albert Hildebrandt (2006 - June 2008)
Councilor:          Ellery Janz
Councilor:          Doreen Schroeder
Administrator:   Trevor Regier (2006 - May 2009)

Elected for 2003-2006 term:
Mayor:               Albert (Al) Kildaw (2003 - June 2006)
Councilor:          Cliff Belter
Councilor:          Brad Cornelson
Councilor:          Michael Dzaman
Councilor:          Albert Hildebrandt (2004-2006)
Councilor:          Ellery Janz
Councilor:          Ken Mathies (2003 - March 2004)
Councilor:          Connie Redekip (acting Mayor June 2006 - October 2006)
Administrator:   Susan Chase (2001-2006)

Elected for 2000-2003 term:
Mayor:               Dennis Kehler
Councilor:          Lauren Dzaman
Councilor:          Corney Martens
Councilor:          Ken Mathies
Councilor:          Rudi Pipke
Councilor:          Garry Redekop
Councilor:          Jim Sawatzky
Administrator:    Susan Chase
Administrator:    Sandra MacAuthur (1989-2001)

Elected for 1997-2000 term:
Mayor:               Dennis Kehler
Councilor:          Corney Martens
Councilor:          William Parlee
Councilor:          Rudi Pipke
Councilor:          Garry Redekop
Councilor:          Krista Routledge
Councilor:          Jim Sawatzky
Administrator:    Sandra MacArthur

Elected for 1994-1997 term:
Mayor:               William Redekop
                                                                        Councilor:          William Parlee                                                                                       Councilor:          Jake Dyck                                                                                     Councilor:          Dean Froese                                                                                           Councilor:          Dennis Kehler                                                                                      Councilor:          Garry Redekop                                                                                    Councilor:          Krista Routledge                                                                   Administrator:    Sandra MacArthur

Elected for 1991-1994 term:
Mayor:               William Redekop                                                                         Councilor:          Henry Braun
Councilor:          Jake Hildebrand
Councilor:          Corney Martens
Councilor:          William Parlee                                                                             Councilor:          Garry Redekop                                                                       
Councilor:          Jake Sawatzky
Administrator:   Sandra MacArthur

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