Churches of Herbert

The hymn "Faith of Our Fathers" speaks eloquently of the faith with which our ancestors built their church. From early beginnings the church has been important in the lives of the people.  By nourishing that faith the church has been a support down through the ages. Worship may vary within the various religions, but each contributes to the well being of a community.

Churches Still in Operation

•  Crossroads Church
•  Grace Community Church (Formerly the Herbert Mennonite Brethren Church)
•  Living Faith Fellowship Church (Formerly the Herbert Mennonite Church)
•  St. Paul Lutheran Church

Churches No Longer in Operation

•  Evengelical Free Church
•  Herbert Sommerfelder Church
•  Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall
•  New Jerusalem Church
•  St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
•  Herbert United Church
•  Church of God

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Crossroads Church

319 Thompson Street
Box 487, Herbert, SK  S0H 2A0
Phone: (306) 784-3407
Pastor: Josh Erb

Updated December 8, 2005

The Crossroads Church acquired the United Church building on Thompson Street and began holding services at that location in the fall of 2004.

Grace Community Church
303 Thompson Street
Box 577, Herbert, SK  S0H 2A0
Phone: (306) 784-3244
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Updated December 8, 2005
The Mennonite Brethren church had its official beginning in 1905. Until approximately 1940, the services were almost exclusively conducted in the German language. At that time since the children and young people were no longer well versed in German, the church underwent a change, and English gradually became the predominant language.

The present building was built in 1957. An education wing was added in 1966. The facilities are used to house worship services, fellowship functions, and a number of Christian Education activities. Several of these programs (most notably the Youth Group, Vacation Bible School, Pioneer Girls and Stockades) are joint ventures that involve several of the other churches in town. On occasion, the broad variety of activities has stretched the capacities to the maximum, and for that reason the church has periodically discussed the feasibility of a further building project.

Over the years, the church has maintained a strong commitment to missions, and has sent a number of people overseas. This has included people such as: Henry & Helen Dueck, Richard & Eva Neufeld, Robert & Lois Neufeld, Dianne Voth and Norma Zacharias.

The church is grateful for its heritage, and looks forward to continuing its ministry in the community under God's guidance.

Living Faith Fellowship Church
303 Dennis Street
Box 56, Herbert, SK  S0H 2A0
Phone: (306) 784-2505 

Updated March 01,2013

Living Faith Fellowship was founded in 1905 as "Herbert Mennonite Church" by Franz Sawatzky. The first building was built in 1908 under the direction of Mr. Ed. Evanson of Herbert.

In 1960, the congregation chose it's first full-time pastor, John C. Siemens. Eight years later, in 1968, the construction of a new sanctuary began next to the old church. On May 18th, 1969 the first service was held in the new building.

In 1990-91 the church left the General Conference and became an independant church. The church remained independant until 2007. On April 29th they joined the Associated Gospel Churches, and changed the name of the church to "Living Faith Fellowship".

St. Paul Lutheran
528 Thompson Street
Box 413, Herbert, SK  S0H 2A0
Phone: (306) 784-2578

Updated December 8, 2005

St. Paul Lutheran Church was organized in 1916. The first ten years of church services were held in congregational homes. In 1926, a school house was purchased from the Herbert School Board. It was situated on the southeast corner of the schoolyard. It was moved to a new location on Thompson Street beside where the present United Church stands. The first church was later sold to the United Church and the New Jerusalem Church on Shaw Street was purchased in 1947. The United Church later sold the church and it was moved to the corner of Brownlee and Railway Ave. In 1963, Highland Lutheran Church, from north of Herbert, closed and and the congregation from there joined St. Paul. A new parsonage was erected in 1965 using lumber that could be salvaged from the dismantling of the Highland Church. In August of 1966 St. Paul held a celebration marking the 50th year of operation. It was decided in 1974 that a larger church was needed to serve the needs of the congregation. A church in LaPorte, SK. was purchased and moved to Herbert to the corner of Connaught and Thompson. In 1979, a monument was erected at the Highland Cemetery to commemorate the Highland Church. St. Paul is part of the Rush Lake Parish which also includes Peace Lutheran of the Prairie View district. St. Paul church of Morse was also a part of the Parish but they closed their doors in 1990 and many of the members joined the church in Herbert. On July 27, 1991 our church celebrated its 75th anniversary.

In the fall of 2004, St Paul's Lutheran Church began sharing their place of worship with the United Church.

Different families, pastors, and faces have worshipped in the church since 1916, but some things never change. A strong commitment to God and to do His will. May we, and for that matter, all of the churches of Herbert continue to grow and thrive.

In closing let us remember Psalm 145, Verse 13 "Your Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom; Your dominion endures throughout all generations."

Churches No Longer in Operation:

Evengelical Free Church

508 Annable Street
Box 99, Herbert, SK  S0H 2A0
Phone: (306) 784-2677

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Herbert Sommerfelder Church
The white building on Dominion Street was moved in from Capeland during the 1950's. At that time the membership was thirty. There is a cemetary, associated with the Sommerfelder Church, located near Glen Kerr.

The property on Dominion Street is now privately owned.

Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall
For many years there was an active Kingdom Hall in Herbert. The members of the MacLachlan families that were active in their faith, have moved from the area.

New Jerusalem Church
Click here to read about the history of the New Jerusalem Church.

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
507 Shaw Street
Click here to read about the history of the St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church.

Herbert United Church
528 Thompson Street
Click here to read about the history of of Herbert United Church.

Church of God
428 Thompson Street

Updated December 8, 2005
The Church of God had its start in 1934 at the Pony Butte school. Ingelborg Haaheim was the prayer force behind these meetings and Harold Borgan pastored the congregation from 1934 to 1938.

Then Pastor & Mrs. James Reesor came. Florence Backman was the evangelist. The meetings were effective and the people from Gouldtown started to come to the church in Herbert.

In 1938, 15 adults were baptized in water, and that is when the church was organized. The services were held in private homes, street corners, the old curling rink and upstairs in the old town hall. For awhile there was no resident pastor, but young men from the Bible School at Moose Jaw came to take care of the weekend meetings. Martha Funk was one of the faithful ones that taught Sunday School and kept praying for the church.

In 1944, the present building was moved in from Mawer Sask. Rev & Mrs. Harold Bjorgan came to pastor the church until 1946. Then Doris McLuhan & Helen Wall took care of the church until 1947. Pastors that we have had: John Siggillkow; 1948, Rev Luke & Lois Summers (later became missionaries); Frank Harder & John Wall filled in until Rev & Mrs. Cornelius Van Epern came, at this time the church grew, many souls were saved. We had a lot of young people and children. Rev & Mrs. Harold Dickenson - 1952; John Wall, 1955-1959; Rev Grimes, 1959-1960; Garry Becker, 1960-1962; Rev & Mrs. Art Aspinall, 1962-1972. It was at this time that the church was put on a full basement and the fron entrance was enlarged. Rev Dave & Mrs. Dromereski, 1973-1975; Don & Diane Giesbrecht, 1975; Murray Cousens, 1976-1979; Rev Frank Harder, 1979-1981. During that time the office was built and new windows added. Rev Charles Chancler, 1981-1983; Rev & Mrs. Orville Heinrichs, 1983-1986; Rev Jack Wilson, 1986-1989; Rev Mike & Ann Friesen, 1989-1996, when renovations to the church basement & sanctuary were made. Present pastor, Rev Bob & Royal Emerson, arrived in 1996. Through the years we have had a strong Sunday School and weekly Bible clubs for young people.

We praise God for His Faithfulness to us over the years. Truly the Lord has been good. All glory to His name.

Other Faiths
There may be other faiths not included in the histories submitted who may have members resident in the community, and who may be members of congregations elsewhere. At one time there was an Anglican Church built in 1910 on the west end of town on the north side of Herbert Avenue, and; an Apostolic Faith Church located just north of the old Town Hall. At the west end of town, just east of the cemetery, the Herbert Bible School stood grandly for many years. Members of the Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu faiths have lived here at times over the years, but there is no formal building related to those faiths.

Interdenominational Groups
Herbert Community Youth Ministry - Brent Hackney: 784-7228

Town of Herbert
Box 370
Herbert, SK  S0H 2A0
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