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During the early of summer of 1945, Rev Ed Ratzlaff was elected chairman of a committee to plan the building of a structure where evangelistic meetings could be held. The building was 114 feet by 60 feet. A group of believers involved with the construction of the new building, named the Tabernacle, formed a managing board who looked after the church. Those people came from several different churches in Herbert.

In 1945, a group of Christians who had been attending other churches in the area found themselves without a church home. Since the Tabernacle was not used most of the year, a deal was made for the group of believers to use the Tabernacle for Sunday services. There was no furnace in the Tabernacle, so the small group purchased the "little church on the hill" [formerly Herbert Methodist Church] and held services there for 2 winters and 1 summer. The pastor of the new congregation who called themselves the "Gospel Mission" was Milton Ewert. In the meantime the Gospel Mission saved money to install a heating system into the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle board then offered the Tabernacle to the new congregation, providing they would look after the upkeep.

The move from the basement to the present day sanctuary began in 1963 with Deke Kroeker taking leadership in planning and providing supervision. Don Smith was pastor during the construction and contributed a great deal of work. By Christmas of 1964 the sanctuary was completed.

When the Fellowship of Gospel Churches merged with the Evangelical Free Church of America in 1957, the Herbert church was included. In 1967 the Evangelical Free Church of Canada was organized. Herbert Evangelical Free Church has been associated with them since then.

Pastors who have served: Milton Ewert, Dan Buhler, John Martens, Don Kroening, Don Smith, Jim Gregor, Jacob Lebsack, Dan Pulliam, Larry Haugen, John Unger, Dave Penner, Gary Hellard, Loren Pullman, Rick Arkell, Tim Klassen, and Rev Robert Hicks.

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